Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is bad!

For the last part of the assignment we have to make a report on a web security risk. I am going to go with Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) as it seems somewhat interesting in a terrible sort of way.

Reaching the 1000 word count for this report might be difficult as XSS attacks are pretty straight forward to explain. In an attampt to reach the word count, I am going to do some research into who should be at fault when an XSS attack occurs; is it the user’s fault for trusting the website, or is it the responsibility of the web page owner to prevent this…

Edit 1: Well that certainly helped my word count, but I am still only at 500 words. All I have left to answer is ways to prevent these security risks. Hopefully I can drag it out to be 1000 words.

Edit 2: Well I made it to 1000 words, that wasn’t so hard. Minus the bibliography, the word count is 1001 😀

Time to submit my assignment and play some Minecraft!

Link to Report: XSS Report – Jason Krieg

The art of web

For this assignment we need to use Web 3D. There are some good examples of Web 3D at which I can take some of the code from. I need to come up with a purpose for my Web 3D page for the assignment. Perhaps I could do a rotating catalog of my favorite albums… stay tuned.

I have also managed to incorporate an RSS feed on my side bar, that was an easy 2 marks 🙂

About me

My name is Jason Krieg. I am 25 this Friday (1st of June). I live with my girlfriend Kristine. I like to play video games and the electric guitar. I am in a band called Helmet Head in which I play lead guitar. We play pop punk music, our most popular song is a pop punk cover of the song “Under the Sea” from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

However, making a living from music alone is very difficult and so here I am studying at Weltec to become a programmer. I also work 2 jobs, one is IT Support at GNS Science in Avalon, Lower Hutt. The other is as a waiter at my Girlfriends parents restaurant, although I am quitting that job in July which just so happens to be when I am going for a holiday in China.